What does the term “agile” imply?

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What does the term “agile” imply?

What does the term “agile” imply? 700 700 wayacademy.de

Everyone is talking about agile these days. What exactly is being discussed?

In the business world, agile or agility means being able to react to changes in the market and consumer behavior at any time.  Adjustments can be made ‘on the fly’ without paralyzing processes. In short, a company can adapt to changing conditions on the quickly and reinvent itself for its continued success.

The question is: Can your company do that too?

If you want to transform your organization’s traditional approach to project management into an agile, more effective one and create a contemporary corporate culture, contact us! Let us share our knowledge with you!

Agile – briefly explained

Let’s start with the definition of the word and see what range of meanings it has.

From the German dictionary:




  1. displaying great mobility; brisk and nimble.

Source: Duden

From the English dictionary:


Adjektiv Adjective

  1. able to move your body quickly and easily [physically]
  2. able to think quickly and clearly [mentally]
  3. able to deal with new situations or changes quickly and successfully [management]

Source: Cambridge Englisch Dictionary

Agility contrasts with strict plan execution, and yet it doesn’t lead to chaos. How come?

Instead of annual or even five-year plans, short-term goals are defined, milestones at short intervals. These short-term goals provide direction and security because today’s security also entails the ability to quickly abandon a wrong course of action. Short-range milestones provide opportunities to reevaluate, test, and receive feedback. Therefore, a revision always presents the potential to avoid an obstacle or prevent a collision. Your business gains flexibility through agility.


Our team of experts helps you transition from a traditional project management company to one with agility, efficiency, and an innovative corporate culture.


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