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Reflect. Grow. Lead.
by Way Academy
Our Vision

Reflect. Grow. Lead.

Executives and teams learn and grow with us as they face new challenges.

Experience the perks of dynamic workshops and training courses. Benefit from our coaching expertise and years of experience as successful managers in commercial enterprises.

Partake in equine-assisted coaching and discover the compelling basic instincts of our horses as co-trainers in one of our open seminars, leadership training, or team-building workshops!

we offer

Coaching Services

Way Academy will assist in enriching your personality to find your individual path – personally or professionally.


Our training program offers our clients intensive and moving training experiences that have a long-term impact.

Online Training

Naturally, our training is also available online. Join us to master your transformation!


Our training program includes:

Classical group and individual coaching for executives and teams. In addition, we have developed training units with equine co-trainers for all those who want to discover and try out strategies for working together in engaging with horses.

Personal Development

Women´s Leadership Training


Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Equine-assisted coaching
Equine-assisted coaching for personal development

Personal Development

Equine-assisted coaching


Equine-Assisted Coaching


What our clients say

“It’s amazing how the horses were able to show me which leadership style I prefer. It was also thrilling to try out different leadership techniques firsthand. I learned to communicate more clearly and experienced my changed attitude with the aid of the horses, who are masters at reading body language, as I now know.”

Ralf Clausing - Authorized Signatory Moser & Pfeil

“I was taken aback by the horses’ remarkable sensitivity, their gracious willingness to participate, and their crystal-clear representation of my inner processes, which nearly blew me away. Our trainers’ engagement and approach to imparting their skills to each individual made them true bridge builders. It felt like a quantum leap in my own development because I was able to work on things so profoundly and comprehensively in such a short amount of time.”

Gabriele Bonau - Bonau Consulting

“It is quite impressive how precisely and quickly a depiction was established through equine-assisted team-building exercises. Strengths and roles within the team were immediately apparent, as well as the communication behavior of the team members among each other. As a manager, I believe that only those who understand themselves as a team and know their roles and tasks are more effective and successful. We are still reaping the benefits – Highly recommended!”

Torsten Musick - CEO 4initia

“My biggest fear was that the coaching would be superficial, that one would work on soft skills in an unspecific way, for example, to become more empathetic in general.

Instead, three hours later, I was armed with wholly new and powerful experiences as well as actionable options. I am not exaggerating when I say that I stored a 10-minute exercise in every cell of my body in such a way that I can recall and use what I’ve learned daily. “I am very impressed!”

Dr. Regina Kratt - Managing director RawTwist GmbH


What our clients say

Contact us –
to take advantage of our counseling, participate in our training program, or be moved by equine-assisted coaching.

We customize coaching for you or your company based on your preferences for location and time.


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