Simone Banghard & Wolfgang Skrobanek
are Way Academy.

Simone Banghard and Wolfgang Skrobanek are the founders and managing directors, the heart and brains of Way Academy, an intercultural, multi-lingual creative think tank for coaching, training, and equine coaching based in Germany and the USA. The two entrepreneurs are a powerful duo in the arena as well as in the conference room – and have been a team for over 30 years.

The “Way” in Way Academy stands for “Who are you – its training and coaching provide possibilities to rediscover and fully develop potential in an authentic, clear, and confident manner. Simone Banghard and Wolfgang Skrobanek like to rely on the support of horses as co-trainers and draw on their extensive expertise as business executives.

Simone Banghard

“I inspire and motivate people” is how Simone Banghard describes her passion for working with people. Formerly, the contagious and compassionate trainer majored in business administration and real estate and business law. She is a successful businesswoman in her industry in both Germany and the United States.

The fascination with “people and their behavior” moved her to complete numerous training and continuing education courses in various coaching approaches worldwide. The richness of her education reflects in the diversity of her field of endeavor, in leadership training, team building, and personality development.

Simone Banghard accompanies people in taking on challenges at work and in their private lives, mastering difficult situations constructively, and developing personal strengths. Sustainable growth is vital to her as an agile coach and one of the world’s few qualified “Professional Agile LeadershipTM” of

Authentic. Agile. To the point.

Since 2013, a unique method has been at the heart of her work: Horse-Assisted Coaching and Training, which includes working with wild mustangs.

Wolfgang Skrobanek

Wolfgang Skrobanek first came to coaching in a roundabout way. For many years, the economist and sports scientist worked in the real estate and renewable energy industries. He visited wind farms all over Europe, got to know the key players in the industry. But he felt something was missing in his life.

A few years ago, he participated in equine leadership training. Through the challenge of facing a stallion, he quickly learned how to set boundaries, position himself and communicate clearly: I want this, and I don’t want that. The horse reacted – immediately, candidly to his changed attitude – and embraced the new leadership role right away.

“I want to share this life-changing experience with others, particularly men and business people.” Wolfgang Skrobanek now works as a coach and trainer in leadership development, team building, and personality development in the United States and Germany. He is also one of the world’s few certified “Professional Agile LeadershipTM” practitioners.
Wolfgang Skrobanek is the proud owner of several mustangs in the USA. Taming wild mustangs is one of his passions.

Respect. Commitment. Trust.


Expert for strategy development and organizational transformation projects

Dr. Wilfried Heupl

International management functions and numerous consulting mandates in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and South Tyrol; lecturer at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and lecturer for Strategic Change at the ZfU International Business School in Switzerland. Winner of the Outstanding Teaching Award at the ZfU Business School.

Expert for holistic development of individuals, teams, and organizations

Mag. Nicole Lehrer

Nicole Lehrer is an expert, speaker, and catalyst in the field of agile and holistic development of individuals, teams, and organizations. Additionally, she is a Professional Coach, certified CRM® (Zurich Resource Model) Coach, and one of the few worldwide certified in “Professional Agile LeadershipTM” of

Expert in mental training and coaching

Ursula Eriberti

Performance improvement and well-being are not mutually exclusive for Ursula Eriberti. She steers development in the proper direction with themes like motivation, learning tactics, sales, and corporate health measures. She has developed her skills in both national and international arenas.


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