Equine-assisted coaching
Personal Development
Equine-assisted coaching for personal development is a unique experience.

Do you know your strengths?

Do you successfully and effectively manage your career and personal life?

Do you have a good understanding of yourself and others?

What if you could respond to stress with peace and flexibility and master present and future demands consciously and purposefully?

Are you ready?

To engage in an exciting encounter with an equine co-trainer and to develop personally?

With a horse as a coach, you can develop your personality.

Our equine-assisted personality development counseling is a one-of-a-kind experience.

It offers you the opportunity to recognize and better understand your strengths, motives, and behavior patterns. Even more: You learn to change and test these behavioral patterns simultaneously – thanks to your co-trainer, a horse.

Personality Coaching

with Horses

Horses are not misleading; instead, they react plainly and unequivocally.

When interacting with horses, attempts to pretend or delude are futile. For us, the horse is not only a mirror – it is a partner in a relationship who acts and reacts.

The fact that horses do not judge or criticize is a great advantage. They do not react to social norms or status symbols but only to what they perceive in people. Candidly, undisguised, and far more directly than a human being perceives themselves. Horses only understand clear and direct communication, which makes them ideal partners for personality development.

What should you anticipate? Here are some general guidelines. If you wish to make exceptions, we will arrange for you to receive individualized coaching.

You will gain a profound understanding of your own and others’ feelings, reactions, and behaviors by interacting with horses and guidance from the coaches.

You expand your range of action in dealing with yourself and others.

The new scope of action allows you to better deal with difficult situations and with emotional stress.

Unwanted behavior patterns are recognized and replaced by new and more appropriate behaviors during the coaching process.

New behaviors are put to the test right away, with the horse’s aid.


Together we will clarify your existing situation, wishes, and ideas. We will create a personalized coaching concept based on this information.


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