Coaching Business
Way Academy helps you to develop strategies and realize your team as a resource.

Our work is always centered on the individual. We’ve made it our mission to assist companies with aligning employees and managers in mutually beneficial relationships. We achieve this by evaluating real-life scenarios and developing customized coaching strategies.

We improve interpersonal relations so that your organization can evade severe losses due to absenteeism and a poorly performing workforce. Disharmony in the workplace disrupts work processes. Ultimately, this can cost the company a great deal of money.

Many companies are also concerned about how to retain talent and develop young managers. Here are two key questions to consider: First – what drives the skilled workforce? Second – Is the company setting the atmosphere?

The Team as a Resource

Aligning the existing team, targeting new hires, shaping junior staff and managers, finding and retaining talent – are just some of the responsibilities that corporations face. Understanding human nature to perform these endeavors, concerning both the individual and the group, are vital to make successful decisions. When people come together, they communicate, exchange ideas, and sometimes even manipulate each other.

  • Which combinations now prove to be the most promising?
  • How do I come to a definite conclusion?
  • What role do emotions play, and what is the appropriate dose?
  • How do I present myself, and how effective am I at making an impact?

Our training modules also provide answers in addition to our coaching.

Business coaching – Discover your leadership potential

Way Academy’s intensive business coaching sessions focus on your professional situation, success, and job satisfaction.

You, the participant, set the topics:

  • Are you new to your position?
  • Have you recently progressed from coworker to supervisor?
  • Are you preparing to start a new project?
  • Can you set priorities and communicate based on your personality type?
  • Do you motivate, challenge and encourage your employees?
  • Are you able to set limits, say “no,” and lead in a wide range of situations?

Way Academy is here to support you as you grow and evolve.

Our strength is resolving work-related issues and crises.

During the coaching process, we make sure that a direct comparison can be drawn between the coaching situation and your work or everyday situation. We make direct references to the context and assist you in reflecting on what you’ve learned and experienced following an activity. You benefit from the collective experience in group discussions. Your ability to reflect on the event and yourself is immediate.

We’ll help you develop your HR strategy and people management skills and demonstrate how your organization can achieve quality by assembling the best workforce.


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