Equine-Assisted Coaching
For true solidarity of the team


improve and cultivate


recognize and develop


promote and strengthen

Equine-Assisted Teambuilding

fosters shared experiences.

With the horses as teachers, we help you to function smoothly as a team. Remove stumbling blocks in communication, solve conflicts constructively and increase social competence so that everyone finds their place in the group.

A company is only as good as the people that work for it. Everyone in a firm contributes to its success, from the CEO to the janitor. A well-functioning team works in a creative, motivated, and efficient manner.

Productivity increases

100% as a result of teamwork.


The primary goal of our equine-assisted team development program is to build team spirit, improve and clarify communication, raise motivation, and increase the productivity of the team. All of which increase the economic success of the company.

Through shared experiences and successes that we offer through equine-assisted coaching, an existing or even a newly formed team can develop a true sense of solidarity.

Equine-Assisted Coaching

promotes successful teamwork

Only individuals who regard themselves as part of a team, who are perceived and heard, can perfectly coordinate and effectively master upcoming tasks and projects.

Smooth processes, clear internal communication, and successful cooperation can neither be forced nor commanded. These must be experienced and desired by the team members.

Our horse-assisted team-building events highlight the following key elements:

Strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members

Roles and tasks within the team

Communication between members within and outside of the team

Workflows and processes

Relationships and conflicts between team members

Only by identifying the group’s strengths and limitations can chances for assistance and development emerge. By experiencing them together in our team-building events, your team will create strategies to work together more successfully.

Interested in effective team building?

We’ll work together to establish your company’s current status. Based on this data, we develop a customized coaching strategy.


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