Personal Development
Who you really are and what you really want - that's what it's all about.

How well do you know yourself?

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize who you really are. Comparing others’ perception and self-perception help you gain knowledge. Don’t only consider your strengths and weaknesses. Everything matters.

Do you like yourself?

Self-acceptance is a crucial first step in one’s personal growth. Those who cannot embrace themselves will often obstruct their personal growth by activating self-protective mechanisms.

Are you ready?

Change usually requires courage, determination, and perseverance. You can achieve all three with just one decision. First, make the decision. That is the most significant accomplishment in the development process!

Personal Development

Our coaching for personal development is tailor-made.

Personal development is the growth and development of character. This process begins in childhood and continues indefinitely, giving you a wide range of options concerning time.

Way Academy

Personal Development Coaching

We can assist you in gaining clarity, recognizing your strengths, developing them, and putting them to action.

At Way Academy, we live and work according to a value system based on appreciation, equality, and fairness. Our firm foundation, from which we draw strength and energy to continue on our path.

With this attitude, we create genuine bonds with the people we meet, providing us with the opportunity to inspire them. We’ve witnessed remarkable transformations with our participants. Our passion is to assist people in their self-development journey.

What would you be signing up for? How does this work?

You gain a deep understanding of your own and others’ emotions, responses, and behaviors through coaching.

You broaden the range of options in dealing with yourself and others.

With more options to maneuver, it allows you to better deal with difficult situations and emotional stress.

While possibly exploring new behaviors, unwanted behavior patterns are identified and replaced by new and more appropriate behaviors during the coaching process.

New ways of behaving are tried out.

Personal or professional success depends more on personality than on intelligence, demonstrating the importance of development and the value of paying close attention to personal growth.

Do you have the courage to change?

Together we clarify your current situation, wishes, and ideas. We use this information to develop an individual coaching concept.

Experience personal development with horses as co-trainers

The equine-assisted version of personal development coaching is a particularly effective tool. It enables you to quickly and easily discover your strengths, motives, and behavioral patterns, gain a better understanding of them, make changes based on them, and immediately put them into practice.


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