For women
Women´s Leadership Training
Female abilities are frequently overlooked in the male-dominated business world.

Fight for recognition

Women are still underrepresented in executive roles, despite quotas, demographic change, outstanding qualifications, and social and emotional abilities. It is not uncommon for them to have to fight for recognition in the workplace.

Believing in yourself

Women in leadership positions typically find it more challenging to assert themselves in the workplace compared to their male counterparts. Confidence and belief in one’s own abilities and skills are an important basis for strong leadership.

Counting on participation

It is common knowledge that men and women have different experiences concerning leadership roles. What stands out is that women make particular use of their social and emotional skills and gain their employees’ trust. In short, they place greater emphasis on participation and collaboration.

Body language & communication

as a part of self-expression and personal disposition

You’ve undoubtedly seen displays of communication and body language on your journey so far. A keen sense of observation is a valuable skill. Communication and body language assessments will aid your development. How are you seen, heard and perceived, and finally understood? Let’s take a closer look!

Our coaching method

is your win.

Assisting you in attaining your position!

First of all, it’s worth considering what distinguishes various leadership styles. We will provide answers to the question, which style suits me. We will also take a closer look and ask: what has made men so successful in leadership roles up to now, and why do women still find it challenging to take on leadership today?

How well you can establish and assert yourself depends on a given situation, the environment, and the employees. We shed light on your working environment and draw insights that will help you move forward.

Together we will get to the bottom of the difficult situations in your area of responsibility and give you the motivation to tackle them more decisively in the future.

In summary, we cover the following key issues:

The fundamentals of leadership, as well as evaluation of various leadership styles

Recognizing one’s own leadership potential and strengths and applying them in a goal-oriented manner

Creating an environment of acceptance and respect, as well as dealing with conflict situations more effectively.

“Women lead differently” – demonstrating the unique qualities of female leaders

Examining the roles of ‘boss’ and ‘woman’

In the course of the coaching, these contents are weighted differently. We tailor the classes to the specific issues that our participants face.

Way Academy supports you:

To live a life of personal responsibility; to take courage and initiative; to courageously and consistently follow your path with a clear commitment to your own goals and visions. We lift you out of your comfort zone and put you on the executive floor!

Leadership workshops with horses as co-trainers

You will get a clear picture of yourself. This training method is ideal for becoming aware of own behavior patterns, reflecting on them, and experimenting with new insights to enable sustainable change in actions.


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