A common goal transforms a group into a team! 1920 1310

A common goal transforms a group into a team!

When we talk to managers, HR developers, and employees in companies, they often tell us about their teams. However, the team doesn’t work in the way that it was intended. Why is this happening? Team identity is shaped by a few major factors. Without these factors, a team is nothing more than a group of…

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Back to the office after COVID-19: What you need to know 900 900

Back to the office after COVID-19: What you need to know

All familiar structures and systems have changed dramatically during COVID-19. Offices were predominantly vacant, and video calls were prevalent in recent weeks. Both employers and employees alike have had to adapt to an unprecedented level of change. Despite the unavoidable change, does it offer benefits? What are the successful strategies for returning to the office?

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What are personal resources? 1348 550

What are personal resources?

What are personal resources and what other types are there? What do resources have to do with personnel development? The article provides answers.

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Team versus Group – What’s the difference? 1900 600

Team versus Group – What’s the difference?

Team versus Group – What is your work method? Teams are often discussed in companies by managers, personnel developers, and employees. But what is a team? What is the difference between a team and a group? Can your team be considered a team? Or do you work together as a group? This article discusses the…

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What does the term “agile” imply? 700 700

What does the term “agile” imply?

Everyone is talking about agile these days. What exactly is being discussed? In the business world, agile or agility means being able to react to changes in the market and consumer behavior at any time.  Adjustments can be made ‘on the fly’ without paralyzing processes. In short, a company can adapt to changing conditions on…

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Agile Teams 700 700

Agile Teams

Agile teams are made up of team players. Having a first-class agile team is essential for the success of your projects. The basis of a team is, of course, the individual team members. They collaborate to find solutions and create projects. A team’s success is directly correlated to the quality and effectiveness of its members…

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Design Thinking 700 700

Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking, and why is it so popular? Design thinking refers to an approach to problem-solving that is rooted in the creative field. In other sectors, relating to problems and thinking experimentally about developing new ideas are being adapted to achieve sustainability and innovation. As a result of Design Thinking, large and successful…

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Scrum 700 700


Have you heard of Scrum? Scrum is very popular in project management. This method can be applied to almost all industries – regardless of the department – so it can be used by personnel, sales, marketing, and management. The framework accompanies the daily processes. The goal is continuous improvement through self-organized teams and regular, frequent…

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Agile Companies 700 700

Agile Companies

Agile companies – are you one of them? Whenever we use the term Agile, we’re not just talking about a method. Agile companies also believe and act in agile ways. Teams communicate more openly, and information spreads faster than ever. Innovative, marketable products are developed this way. Companies emerge from their traditional inertia with this…

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Agile Leadership 700 700

Agile Leadership

Let us convince you of the benefits of Agile Leadership! First and foremost, agile leadership is a mindset. Each team member should understand this. It takes a team to develop a project. Essentially, this is the issue. Agile leadership involves the individual as well as the team. The agile process only works in collaboration. Management…

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