Back to the office after COVID-19: What you need to know

Back to the office after COVID-19: What you need to know

Back to the office after COVID-19: What you need to know 900 900

All familiar structures and systems have changed dramatically during COVID-19.

Offices were predominantly vacant, and video calls were prevalent in recent weeks. Both employers and employees alike have had to adapt to an unprecedented level of change. Despite the unavoidable change, does it offer benefits? What are the successful strategies for returning to the office?

How might you optimize the long-term structure of the office by drawing upon the Corona crisis home office situation? Get in touch. We’re happy to share our expertise!

We asked ourselves:

What were the barriers during COVID-19? What does it take to make a fresh start at the office a success? Can the COVID-19 experience help grow your business more powerful than ever?

What challenges did managers and teams face during COVID-19?

Home offices established before COVID-19 differed significantly: With the Corona outbreak, home offices had to be implemented overnight, involuntarily, and across the board. With no exceptions and for an indefinite time.

The worst-case for managers: Loss of control

While many companies used home offices for their executives and teams, it was still the exception. Most of the workforce was on-site and physically present. It enabled managers and executives to influence their counterparts directly, observing processes and providing direct feedback. In addition to technical challenges and revenue losses, the forced COVID-19 home offices were the biggest problem for managers because it meant lack of control over the process.

Family vs. business: The challenges of juggling career and family responsibilities

Employees experienced a crisis within their own four walls as a result of this predicament. Being at home 24/7 was unnatural. Families with children most likely worked night and weekend shifts. People were pushed to the limit and beyond by the burden of reduced hours compensation, social withdrawal, and their own frustration at not being able to fully participate at work. A question that keeps coming up is: “How long will this last?”. This situation was the opposite of security – and thus a personal imposition for most workers.

Essential basic human needs…

…and factors whose development fell short during COVID-19:


Social interaction





5 Strategies

Returning to the office: How to succeed


Provide security

Encourage your team to focus on the future together. Psychologically, this creates a sense of security. In addition, create a safe environment by placing workstations at a distance, providing masks, and disinfecting areas.


Communicate clearly

Ensure you communicate clearly and effectively, and keep in touch regularly. Create transparent processes and a direct approach to determining what needs are most important to individuals and teams. By doing so, you convey trust, respect, and commitment.


Establish a common ground

Leaders are not superheroes. Things have changed for you as well. Connect by engaging directly with employees to form a bond. Creating group interaction for executives can be valuable. In addition, individual coaching may be beneficial as well.


Continue to deliberate

You are in an exceptional situation that is constantly changing. Everything is different now. A new challenge awaits us each day. Do not grow tired of reflecting on processes, constellations, structures, and needs – ideally in a group setting.


See the benefits

Businesses who succeed in using the COVID-19 circumstances for company optimizations have the best prerequisites for creating a modern, efficient working environment that is tailored to the needs of managers and teams, whether it’s flexible working hours, location-independent working, or an unconventional division of labor.

We’ll support you in this endeavor!

Let’s discuss how COVID-19 has impacted you and your team, how returning to the office can succeed, and above all: what benefits you can take away from this time to operate as a modern, agile and efficient company better than before.


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