equine-assisted coaching
leadership training
Are you prepared for your leadership role?

“You can’t not communicate.”

Paul Watzlawick, Communication Scientist

People follow

when they experience authenticity and influence.

Every behavior

of a person is communicative in nature.


beyond the spoken word!

Equine-assisted leadership training has a direct impact.

Horses are herd animals that seek leadership. If they don’t trust their counterpart, they resist.

You’ll discover your skills and limitations as you engage with the horse. Your leadership style becomes obvious as a result of the guided coaching process, and you immediately know what to improve.

Through equine-assisted leadership training, you will discover your personal leadership style and experience how your inner attitude and mindset can affect your overall leadership.

Your impression

Your leadership style

Way Academy coaches, along with the horses, assist you as a leader in re-engaging all of your senses, strengthening your abilities of observation and perception, rather than focusing solely on your verbal expressiveness and rhetoric.

The often adopted authoritarian leadership style is long outdated. What kind of leader are you? Is your leadership built on a foundation of trust, gratitude, and respect?

We’ll assess your personal leadership style and acquire the essential “soft skills” and leadership capabilities together. Through targeted horsemanship exercises, participants will feel and see what genuine leadership and communication mean.

Every leadership responsibility revolves around you and the impact you have on others.

To master leadership authentically and professionally on all levels, you need a considerable amount of self-awareness and technique.

Working with our horses allows you to directly experience your influence.

Horses are masters in reading body language and are the best trainers regarding authentic leadership and inner harmony.

Equine-assisted coaching reflects your leadership style.

Get feedback!

Be impressed by the result of this coaching! You’ll wish you had taken advantage of it sooner.


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