Leadership Training
Leadership can be learned.

Our leadership training concept is as diverse as leadership can be today.

Leadership styles

We highlight leadership styles and techniques. These will be discussed and reviewed. Participants are encouraged to assess their demeanor and reevaluate themselves. Conflict resolution techniques are put to the test to avoid putting long-term strain on interpersonal relationships.

Reflect. Grow. Lead.

With deep conviction and many years of experience as leaders in companies, we believe that self-reflection shapes a personality. Though practicing introspection is not always an entirely painless process, it is constructive and leads to self-awareness. In turn, this results in natural authority and a strong will to lead.

From coworker to leader

When accepting a manager role, you face a new set of expectations. Way Academy supports you in shaping your unique presence. This will help you develop your own authentic leadership style and grow confidently with the demands of your new role.

Junior leadership training

You’ve been given the opportunity to work in management. Your advantage is that you can plan ahead, in working to prepare and clarify your expectations. Make the most of the opportunity and learn to master introspection.

Skilled in Leadership

Sparring partners become increasingly scarce at the highest levels of management. Leadership success calls for recognizing and evaluating your self-image and how this radiates to your audience. Learn how you affect those surrounding you while receiving essential feedback. Feedback is your friend!

Mastering change

Organizational change processes confront managers with unique challenges and opportunities to demonstrate their leadership abilities. Receive assistance in developing a personal leadership approach that overcomes opposition and motivates employees to achieve your objectives.

Resilience – a superpower

The ability to bounce back from adversity is a superpower.

First and foremost, feelings and emotions cause a certain amount of tension. These may include both negative and positive stress. In any case, it can be draining, and problems could arise if it causes you to waver. Keep your balance! This way, you can maintain focus and avoid losing sight of your goals.

Our strategic decisions are often obstructed or influenced by our emotions. Consciously confronting our feelings enables us to return to a degree of objectivity and perform leadership roles with compassion and discernment.

Mental resilience can be cultivated and mastered. All of our services provide our mental training strategy.

Reflect on your leadership style,

and develop your ability to introspect.

Develop strategies from understanding how you are perceived.

Managers must maintain a deep understanding of their employees’ skills and personalities to make the best personnel choices and lead effectively. As a leader, it is important to reach out and understand your staff, and conversely, also be heard and understood.

Staffing is not static but a dynamic process. As a result, it’s important to not only find the right person with the right qualifications for the role, but also to take into account that a team always interacts. The standard of each individual’s success and dedication is determined by how well the team works together.

At Way Academy, work together to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to improve your influential proficiency.

You are at the center of every leadership project – the impact you have on others.

Introspection and methodology are essential components of professional and authentic leadership when working with staff, peers, and superiors.

Identifying your own influence

Body language analysis, genuine leadership, and inner balance

Strive to develop influential competencies because if the spoken word isn’t accompanied by relevant body language, people will not listen to you.

We are here to support you.

Interaction is beneficial, as is receiving feedback on your demeanor, perspective, and expectations of the accepted leadership role. Strengthening your management style furthers your career advancement.

Equine-Assisted Leadership Training

In an equine-assisted leadership training you experience your personal leadership style mirrored by the horse and directly experience how your inner attitude and your attitude can affect your overall leadership.


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