Teams grow together.

Teambuilding Advantages

Employees are the core of every company. Building a rapport among the staff is ideal and essential to avoid interpersonal issues. In the worst-case scenario, bullying, low motivation, or a high level of sick leave are all possibilities which can occur. These concerns are costly to the business and put employment in jeopardy. If the staff and the company are suffering, it’s high time to take action.

Quality & Commitment

These features must be fostered. To cultivate these traits, you need the appropriate environment, which implies good working conditions. These are not merely material things. Interpersonal relationships influence working conditions. The willingness to work rises when the environment is conducive. Motivated employees can and want to achieve more.

Practicing mutual responsibility

Employees spend a great deal of time together. Each person’s well-being is influenced by these hours working collectively. Frequently, troubles and work issues are not left at the office but impact the time off work, including sleep patterns. In the long term, interpersonal disharmony makes people ill if there is no solution found. Through our alliance, we share responsibility for each other.

Teambuilding with Way Academy

fosters a deep sense of community

With our individually tailored coaching methods, we help you in regaining team cohesion. Our techniques remove communication obstacles, guide you in resolving disputes constructively, and increase the social competence of each individual. We investigate who leaves the group and why and identify a space for everyone.

The achievements of an organization are determined by how well its employees collaborate. From the CEO to the janitor, everyone in the business has a stake in the company’s success. Creativity, inspiration, and effectiveness come from a strong sense of community.

Boost team morale

and reap productivity


The primary goal of our team development method: Is to foster team spirit, to strengthen and improve clear communication, to motivate, and increase team productivity to ensure the economic success of the company.

Through shared experiences and successes provided in our coaching, established workgroups or newly formed teams can develop a real sense of belonging.

You may wonder how this applies to your situation.

Our coaching approach

encourages constructive as well as collegial collaboration.

Teams that don’t consider themselves a unit can cause significant harm to the business and their own wellbeing.

Team members with a dominant personality, agitators, as well as withdrawn, quiet character types who lack assertiveness, may tip the teamwork balance. As a consequence, there is usually a lack of communication and collegial solidarity.

As a result, the desired constructive collaboration with one another turns counterproductive. Valuable time is wasted, since the focus is shifted away from essential tasks. Discord in the workplace will make workers sick and lead to absenteeism in the worst-case scenario.

The following key elements are highlighted during our team building events:

Strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members

Roles and tasks within the team

Communication between members within and outside of the team

Workflows and processes

Relationships and conflicts between team members

Your team will develop strategies to work together more effectively after participating and working together in our team-building activities.

Do you believe we can assist you?

Request our handout. It will introduce you to our structured approach to team growth. Individual solutions are tailored to special problem situations.

Teambuilding as an Equine-Assisted Coaching!

The equine-assisted vversion of team development is a popular alternative to the classic approaches of team development. Through the shared experience and the involvement with the horse as a coaching participant, an existing or even a newly assembled team can develop a real sense of togetherness.


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