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Agile Companies

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Agile companies – are you one of them?

Whenever we use the term Agile, we’re not just talking about a method. Agile companies also believe and act in agile ways. Teams communicate more openly, and information spreads faster than ever. Innovative, marketable products are developed this way. Companies emerge from their traditional inertia with this approach.

We can help you transform your traditional project management process into an agile, more effective one and create a contemporary corporate culture. Contact us today to learn more!

Agile companies – briefly explained

Agile allows innovators far more freedom in how they work, act, and decide. In this case, anarchy is not in play. The company is not experiencing anarchy. On the contrary – a structured process prevails but is determined by the self-guided decisions of the team. This enables the development of innovations. Agile bases its success on collective skills and quick reaction times to market changes.

Agile enterprises – a summary

What distinguishes agile companies?

  • An agile organization is based on leveled hierarchies rather than top-down management
  • Supportive leadership
  • Taking risks and dealing with mistakes with an experimental attitude
  • Transparency, dialog/ feedback, external exchange
  • Seeing diversity as a profitable advantage
  • Embrace collective intelligence
  • The emphasis on the individual’s strengths
  • Visions of the future + fuzzy goals
  • Clear short-term goals/milestones shape processes

Agile for business


A company must face 8 challenges to become agile.


Silo mentality

Hierarchies and structures need to be leveled.


Risk-averse mentality

A failure of an end product can be seen as a learning opportunity.


Waterfall model

With its linear process and fixed phases, it is a rigid method of development that provides only a false sense of security.


Long Time-to-Market (TTM)

A long time-to-market can make your own business vulnerable to competition that launches early and scores with innovation.


Rapidly changing customer needs

By incorporating customer feedback into the Agile, customer-specific design process, products are brought into a state of important and permanent quality control.


Constantly increasing competitive pressure

Lean organizations, speed and innovation replace lengthy processes, strict guidelines and slow workflows.


Developing and maintaining corporate identity

Effective branding should incorporate agile principles. This creates a synergy between brand and innovation.


Increase competition to attract agile employees

Create work environments that embrace agile principles and are attractive to innovative employees and talented individuals.


Our team of experts helps you transition from a traditional project management company to one with agility, efficiency, and an innovative corporate culture.


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